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February  5

Metlife 4Q 2010 Earnings

Last April the Wall Street Journal ran this article about Metlife’s resistance to any federal assistance through TARP funds. Rebuffing a federal bailout, Metlife CEO Robert Henrikson said the company is "well positioned, with approximately $5 billion in excess capital." Since then, the Metlife share price has rallied and even crossed a high of $40 at one point.


The recent fourth quarter earnings bear testimony to CEO Henrikson’s statement that the company was “well positioned”. Although, profits may have taken a beating at Metlife , premiums have more or less held steady in 2009, actually increasing by about 2%. Based on the unaudited results published by the company on February 2nd, it seems that for the year ended December 2009, its premiums (for Asia-Pacific, India and Europe, Middle East) dropped only marginally (unaudited) as compared to the same period 2008. Overall, operating revenues have also marginally increased. Total operating expenses have also more or less held steady. (2009: $45953 million versus 2008: $45152)


InvesGuard’s model shows Metlife with a strong Board of Directors and Senior Management score, an average Internal Control Environment and a relatively weak Social and Environment score.


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