1. Each year, facilities that meet certain thresholds must report their disposal and other waste management activities for listed toxic chemicals to the EPA. The EPA publishes this report for the benefit of the general public. The ConocoPhillips-Linden, NJ plant, figures on the EPA report that lists 50 Facilities with Largest Total TRI On- and Off-site Disposal or Other Releases, 2007: Petroleum (NAICS 324).

  2. Some directors appear to have overextended themselves. Some are on the board of 3 or 4 public company boards.

  3. One of the audit committee members with responsibilities for risk management, oversight of the internal audit function and financial statement reviews appears to lack relevant, necessary experience.

  4. Director compensation consists of an annual cash retainer of $100,000. Directors have a choice to receive their compensation in the form of restricted or unrestricted stock units. In the absence of any stock based director compensation, it is difficult to see how director interests are appropriately aligned with shareholder interests. In addition, the $100,000 cash compensation to directors is higher than other energy companies pay their Board.



Board Size: 13 (as per 2008 Proxy Statement filed in March 2009.) pg 6.

Board of Directors Compensation($): $100,000- Annual Cash retainer.

Total CO2 equivalent GHG emissions(metric tons): 2008 - Not known; 2007 - 62.6 million

Total number of hydrocarbon spills greater than 100 barrels: 2007 - 24; 2006 - 19.