About InvesGuard

Invesguard has been in the business of corporate governance research since 2008. During this time, Tejus Trivedi President and CEO of Invesguard received moderate press coverage including:

1.Featured in ‘The Washington Times’ as a provider of additional, alternate form of investment research.

2. ‘The Charlotte Observer’ published Tejus’ opinion on the state of corporate governance of Bank of America at that time.

Tejus Trivedi is a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India as well as a Certified Information Systems Auditor(CISA) from the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. Tejus has over 15 years of Corporate Governance, Risk, Controls and Compliance experience at multi national, large, medium and small public companies.

Tejus along with her team of professionals provides consulting services to public corporations in the areas of Internal Audit, Risk, Controls and Compliance.

InvesGuard researches and grades public companies on the basis of their Corporate Governance and Environmental and Social Impact . We do this through our proprietary data model which covers over 100 unique assessment points. By choice, this is non-financial data. Back to top

A lot of content on InvesGuard is free to all of the site’s visitors. Feel free to download our rating widget, access company pages with rating information for 2 out of 3 levels, visit our InvesGuard blog, post your comments, browse through our blog’s archives, all for free. We have even opened access to all the data for one company. A paid subscription on the other hand gets you in depth, detailed information on the rating profile of companies in our database. It will provide you with information on why we think the Board Effectiveness of a company is weak or why the Audit Committee of a company can probably do better. This information may be that key element that you need over and above critical financial data to give you a complete picture. Back to top

You can access the site, including the paid content, by simply sending us an email at info@invesguard.com. Back to top

For all sales inquiries, simply send an email to info@invesguard.com, and our sales team will get in touch with you. Back to top

Rating profiles of existing companies in the database as well as newly rated companies get updated by the Friday of every week. We will keep making changes during the week with final updates happening every Friday. As soon as a new company is added, an email alert will be sent to paid subscribers (provided subscribers have opted for this email alert service while signing up.) Note: There will be no updates during the month of August. The InvesGuard team takes a summer break during August and unless there is earth shattering news that will need immediate adjustments in the rating profile of a company, we will continue our updates on the first Friday following Labor Day. Back to top

The Company Grader is basically a tool that gives an ‘at a glance’ picture of the state of Governance as well as Environmental and Social impact of public companies. You can even download it as a widget and share it with your friends. You can search for and browse through the ESG profile of a company that you are interested in. For ease of understanding and presentation, we have adopted a 3 level approach to gathering data. The Company Grader presents 2 out of these 3 levels of data while giving you the ability to view at a glance which are the weaker areas of a company and which are its strengths. To view all 3 levels please access the company rating graph on the company page from the Company strip or by searching for a specific company. Back to top

The colored bars on the different tabs on the Company page, indicate how the company has fared in our opinion. Following is the legend for these bars: (you can also find this legend on each company page above the tabs.) Static image of bars and meaning. Back to top

Not at all. These are nothing but our 3 level patent pending presentation of data. The ‘Rolled Up’ view is the top most view of a company. It is divided into 3 divisions: Internal Control Environment, Board of Directors and Senior Management and lastly Environmental and Social Impact. You can click on any of these, to dig further to see more details through the ‘Rolled Up’ view. The ‘Sub-terranean’ view is the one where all the ‘meat’ lies. It gives detailed information with supporting data as well as scoring information. Sub-Terranean information is available only to paid subscribers. You can easily move between the ‘Core’, ‘Rolled up’ or ‘Sub-terranean’ views by either sliding the marker from one point to another or clicking on any of these points. Back to top

The tabs on the company page (yes, the same ones…Overview-Factsheet, Board of Directors, Internal Control Environment etc) provide a lot of information. Click on each of these tabs. This will display information that has been divided into groups as well as detailed datapoints. After this, click on the little ‘Expand All’ button. Additional information, if any, relevant to that datapoint, as well as justification for including that parameter will be displayed below each datapoint. Back to top

InvESGuard does not recommend, suggest or offer any investment advice Back to top

You can cancel your subscription by writing to us at info@invesguard.com. Back to top