Evaluation Levels

InvesGuard's evaluation takes place across three levels of increasing granularity: 'Rolled-up', 'Core' and 'Subterranean'.

These Evaluation Levels are used to indicate the depth of data that is being presented. Each of the 3 levels is divided into 3 divisions: Internal Control Environment, Board of Directors and Senior Management and lastly Environmental and Social Impact. The 'Rolled Up' view is the top most view of a company. The 'Core' presents more information for each of the 3 divisions. The 'Subterranean' view is the one where all the 'meat' lies. It gives detailed information with supporting data as well as scoring information. Subterranean information is available only to paid subscribers and can also be viewed in case of the featured FREE company


You can easily move between the 'Core', 'Rolled up' or 'Subterranean' views by choosing the relevant button under 'Evaluation Level'.