1. In January 2009, Dell modified the terms of the vesting schedule of stock options granted to employees and directors. Previously awarded stock options were approved for accelerated vesting. In addition, directors Lafley and Miles resigned soon after the accelerated vesting went into effect.

  2. The Board at Dell consists of 40% of individuals with finance expertise. These directors have primarily finance backgrounds. They have been ex CFO’s, or partners at investment firms. Only 2 directors have experience directly relevant and related to Dell’s primary line of business. Dell also does not have a Board level Committee to provide oversight in research and technology strategies, or the execution of such strategies by management etc.

  3. 3. The Chief Marketing officer and the President- Global Operations were hired in 2007 with a sign on bonus of $250,000 and $2 million respectively as well as a long term cash award. However, despite the “long term cash award” both these executives left the company after a little over a year in their positions. Additionally, one of them also received a cash severance payment of $10 million as well as a consulting fee of $1.5 million.



Board Size: 10 (as per 2009 Proxy Statement filed in June 2009).

Board of Directors Compensation($): Cash - $75,000; Restricted Stock or Stock Options Award - yes (limited to 50,000 shares).

Total Carbon Emissions(metric tons): 2008 - 490,085.

Total CEO compensation: $2.13 million