Updated 01.13.2010


Summary: Overall Seagate scores fairly well on its Board of Directors and also on its Internal Control environment. The company needs to improve on its social and environmental disclosure level.


Some Seagate Board members including Board Audit Committee members are on multiple public company boards which may reduce effectiveness of such Board members. Seagate's Internal Control Environment as defined by its governance guidelines offer some scope for improvement.


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Detailed Scorecard


Board Size: 10

Board of Directors Compensation($): Cash- $50,000; Stock Options and Restricted Shares - Upon joining the Board, each new non-management director receives an option to purchase common shares worth 55,000 and an award of 15,000 restricted shares, unless the new director is an officer or director of an entity whose stock, assets and/or business are acquired by Seagate.

Total greenhouse gas emissions(CO2e): 2008- 878,106 metric tons 2007- 907,045 metric tons

Total CEO compensation for 2008($): $1,178,553