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Board Size:12

Board of Directors Compensation($): $60,000. All directors also receive equity-based awards of $90,000 each year. One-half of the value ($45,000) is granted in the form of stock options, and the remaining value ($45,000) is granted in the form of restricted stock. The Lead Director and members of the Audit Committee receive an additional $5,000 in the form of restricted stock. (RSU)

Total Carbon Emissions(metric tons): 2009- Not Available ; 2008- Not Available

Total CEO compensation for 2009($): $ 1,991,145

Chief Risk Officer: Lisa K.Polsky

Changes in Chief Risk Officer over the past 2 years**: Yes.

Tenure of Chief Risk Officer in this position: Lisa K.Polsky has held the position of Chief Risk Officer at CIT since early 2010.

** Why do we look at changes in the Chief Risk Officer position? Companies, where we observe quick changes to senior risk positions in case of companies in the finance industry) are high on our 'watch' list.