Updated 12.08.2009

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Summary: Kraft scores well on its Board of Directors and Senior Management and fairly well on its Internal Control environment. The few concerns would cover over extended Board members and a poor social and environmental disclosure level.


Kraft Foods has been in the news recently for its $16.3 billion unsolicited takeover bid for british chocolate company Cadbury plc. Taking the offer straight to the shareholders bypassing Cadbury's board, Kraft expects to win the required shareholder support for the transaction.


Board members including a Board Audit Committee members are on multiple public company boards. Kraft's corporate governance guidelines do not explicitly limit the number of public company boards that directors may serve nor do they prohibit directors from offering consulting services to the company. The Board's Audit Committee report can enhance its level of disclosures as well.


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Is the Board equipped to provide effective and Independent oversight?

  1. Some Board members are on the Board of more than 3 public companies each. This may overstretch directors and make it difficult for them to fulfill any one committment. The company's corporate governance guidelines do not prevent directors from performing consulting services which may potentially impair a Director's independence. Please refer to the tab of Board of Directors and Senior Management and click on "Expand All" to view all details.

Does the company disclose it's Social and Environmental impact related metrics?

  1. The company needs to enhance the level of disclosures surrounding its relationship with its suppliers. The extent to which different corporate responsibility elements are included in its contracts with suppliers needs to be disclosed. Refer to the tab on social and environmental Impact and click on "Expand All" to view all details.


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Detailed Scorecard


Board Size: 10 (as per 2008 Proxy Statement filed in March 2009.)

Board of Directors Compensation ($): $70,000- Annual retainer.

Annual Equity Compensation of $125,000 ( effective May 2008).

Total CO2 emissions (metric tons): 2008 - Precise figure not known.

2007 - Precise figure not known

Total CEO compensation for 2008($): $ 17 million