1. One thing that sets Apple’s Audit Committee apart is that its members have been given extensive treasury and finance responsibilities. They are expected to review the company’s investment practices, off balance sheet transactions, capital structure, foreign exchange practices etc.

  2. During 2008, directors were granted commemorative gifts by Apple as well as a payment to cover the tax liability arising out of such a gift. In addition, directors are eligible to request and receive free of cost a new product launched by the company during the year. The top recipient under this program for 2008 was Director Al Gore.

  3. In another unusual but positive step, carbon emissions as well as certain other key environmental performance indicators are provided by Apple per product rather than for a company as a whole.

  4. 3 out of 6 directors on Apple’s board are CEO's of other public companies. Directors are fairly compensated for the services that they provide. It is only natural to expect that they have quality time to devote to each of the companies that they have undertaken to serve whether as a director or an executive officer. It is difficult to see how busy CEO’s would have time to manage their own companies as well as provide strategic direction to a few others.



Board Size: 7 (as per Proxy Statement filed in January 2009.) Director Eric Schmidt has since resigned.

Board of Directors Compensation($): Cash- $50,000; Stock Options that vest fully and exercisable immediately - 10,000 shares

Total greenhouse gas emissions: Apple provides this information on a per product basis. Since it is difficult to enumerate each and every Apple product and their emission levels, please refer to Apple’s corporate website for this information. You can also drop us a line at for more information.

Total CEO compensation for 2008($): $1