1. InvesGuard analyzes and keeps a close watch on directors who have been associated with companies plagued by the recent credit crisis or by bankruptcy proceedings. 3 directors at HP have been associated with companies that have faced either one or all of these scenarios.

  2. The company does not set limits on the number of public companies that directors can serve on.

  3. The company reimburses travel expenses of spouses of directors when invited to attend board meetings.

  4. Annual cash director compensation has jumped by $50,000. Directors are now paid a cash compensation of $100,000. The equity component of their compensation has also increased from $150,000 to $175,000. This in light of all the layoffs, pay cuts as well as a drop in revenue.



Board Size: 11 (as per 2008 Proxy Statement filed in January 2009.) Page 12.

Board of Directors Compensation($): Cash- $100,000; Restricted Stock or Stock Options Award- $175,000.

Total greenhouse gas emissions: 2008-1,448,500 tonnes; 2007- 1,516,300 tonnes

Total CEO compensation for 2008($): $42.51 million